Showing 1-10 of 10 comments . Capital Revisited and Bald Hilltop; C-2. On Normal difficulty, the Ferocious Worgs have 19 AC, 73 hp, Fort +10/Ref +9/Will +6, and +10 attacks that deal 1d6+11 damage. Chat with them and you can learn some interesting things about the area, like the fate of the village that used to stand here… A good warning to avoid mingling with fey creatures, if the Guardian of the Bloom hadn’t already taught you that. Return east to the specter near the shrine and inform it that you’ve cleared the well. (1 of 2) Bring the coins back to Wilber and you can free him from his curse. If you suffer a critical hit it could spoil the entire affair, while a fortuitous critical hit on your part might edge victory decidedly in your favor. If you defeat these foes you’ll be free to loot a corpse to the northeast. Swamp witches hut Just got a quest to save a boy from a swamp witch, however I cant seam to find the witch hut ANYWHERE. You need to collect 3 of these, and the bushes are destroyed on failure, so I. recommend saving before each collection attempt. , Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2, 48 gold. This battle should be very doable for a 7th level party. (right). Speaking of chopping the Scythe-Tree down, one last note - the Scythe Tree has Damage Reduction against piercing and bludgeoning attacks, so be sure you’re using slashing weapons. This requires you to resolve the quest Coins for a Dead Man���s Eyes in the Spectre���s favor. Pathfinder: Kingmaker - 87 Swamp Witch's hut 2 Coins for a dead man's eyes - Duration: 21:39. You will also start combat if you simply enter the gate. Better to have it early than need it late. Like many enemies, they are vulnerable to Stinking Cloud (3). Repeat this process on the next two owlbears and with any luck you might just emerge victorious, although don’t be surprised if you have to reload a time or two to get things right. When you traveling on the world map, you can see different locations marked on it. (1 of 3) As you move through a pass, you’ll hear disembodied voices. Don’t expect this to hold them, as their Reflex Saves are awfully high. Use spells like Delay Poison to mitigate this damage. Are you her?”. Interacting with the gate brings up a number of options. Spectre (Undead 8): Speaking to the Spectre will begin the Quest: Coins for a Dead Man���s Eyes. You might not get the conclusive answers you were hoping for, but asking the latter question will allow you to complete another task before leaving. If you followed this guide through the area you should have found three Mudleaf plants (along the pass that connected the road to where you found Falchos and Tiressia), Dizzyhead plants (near the Giant Slug duo in the poison mist along the southeastern corner of the map) and Gloomberries (northwest of Dorsy’s house, near the Giant Slug trio). After that, she might resort to melee combat (of all things!) You will likely be able to defeat most of the encounters that you may have skipped last time you were here. Ruined Watchtower (Troll Invasion) South Narlmarches: Wilderness Encounter - Dalton; South Narlmarches: Wilderness Encounter - Kobold Shaman and Branded Trolls ; F-2. (right). The penalty for this act of desecration? You can bring these coins to the Spectre and the Ghoul for more information and to advance the quest Coins for a Dead Man���s Eyes. In fact, you shouldn’t need any special strategy to defeat them, although they are noteworthy for having a high Armor Class and only needing a touch attack to hit your own warriors - and with an Attack bonus as high as theirs, they’re going to hit every time they try, unless you have a very specifically designed tank (our Scaled Fist/Eldritch Scion was, as usual, nearly untouchable once he wasn’t flat-footed). If you can engage them at the edge of the effects of the Grease/Web spell, so much the better, as they’ll have to save against its effects every turn. for free. The Greater Werewolf has 17 AC, 74 hp, Fort +9/Ref +4/Will +4, and DR 10/silver; he makes 3 attacks at +13 for 1d8+14 damage. In the former case, this can be done by taking Octavia (or any other mage) and heading through the southeastern fog-free path until you spot the Scythe-Tree. Now’s not the time to worry about heading home just yet. Mobility DC 20 (exp). How can I help you, ���?��� she will give you the Errand: Mushrooms from the Mud Bowl and ask you to bring her 10, from her for 500 gold if you didn���t get one from Tiressia. (1 of 3) If you don’t have silver weapons, try to overpower the werewolf’s damage reduction with sheer damage output. Other than endeavoring to ensure your characters don’t form an attractive line, there’s little you can do but hope RNG is on your side. Speaking to him will start the Quest: Coins for a Dead Man���s Eyes. Bodies: a) Pearl, Shortsword, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 13 gold; b) Green Quartz, Potion of Owl���s Wisdom, 3 gold, Handaxe. Regardless of etymology, all accounts tend to agree that the Tatzelwyrm-like creature is defined by a serpentine body and a cat-like face, sometimes with venomous glands or poisonous breath. The real goal of the spell isn’t to catch them behind the fence however, but rather to slow them down as they run around said fence and approach from the west. Important NPCs. Ignore it for now and head northeast instead, stopping to pick some of the Gloomberries that grow around here. There are in fact three such beasts, led by a Greater Worg. ��╈��, he���ll explain what they mean and you���ll get 135 exp for advancing the quest. You can pick up this quest by visiting the 4th village that you build within your kingdom. No fey, no threats, no desecration. Pathfinder: Kingmaker > General Discussions > Topic Details-pbr- Streetgang. I want to save both ghoul and spectre. Deprived of this advantage, their Attack Bonus (+14) is fairly mediocre and while their damage per hit is high (1d8+14) as they get plenty of attacks per round (4), they’re not offensively impressive. These are probably significant, so you should hold onto them. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Control spells like Grease (1), Web (2), Stinking Cloud (3), Confusion (3), Hideous Laughter (1), or Cacophonous Call (2) may also slow them down for a few rounds. Continue following the edge of the scrub to the southeast until you find a spot where you can attempt an [Athletics 26] check. You can loot two Gloomberry bushes unopposed, getting you up to the three Gloomberries you need. Your reward for besting these beasts? These Slugs make touch attacks that deal 10d6 acid damage, so protect your characters with Resist Energy before this fight. Whether you pick the [Lawful Good] option or extort a reward from Tiressia is up to you. The latter of which has a poisonous aura that will inflict Strength and Dexterity damage to all characters within range. Their use of Power Attack compromises their Attack further, but ensures they’ll deal heavy damage if they hit, and for some reason they have access to Stunning Blow. Once the well is opened (you’ll get the option to perform a [Detect Magic] and [Will 20] check at the well, but they don’t really achieve much) you’ll be confronted by two War Wisps and an Ancient Will-o-Wisp. Yes, that means some save/loading is in order, but it’s worth your time. Slowly pick Mudleaves and work your way to the northeast until the path opens up in front of a stream. Instead, it’ll slow them down and hopefully buy you time - fighting multiple such foes at once is a recipe for disaster. Do so to reach a small island, where you’ll immediately be accosted by another pair of Will-o’-Wisps. Seems Dorsy loved Nyta, and cast cursed coins into the well - symbols of his hatred - and he can only be freed from his undeath “when two coins serve as his eyelids”. Will-o-Wisps didn’t have much damage potential, but these Wisps will readily assume a “Lightning Form”, dealing heavy (don’t be surprised to see 20-30 damage) electrical damage to all opponents in a line, essentially functioning as a Lightning Bolt spell. Venture down south and you’ll find the ruins of a village - most likely the village mentioned by Tiressia, which was destroyed by the Scythe-Tree. (1 of 2) If you acquired three Mudleaf, Dizzyhead and Gloomberry plants you can complete the quest “Swamp Bouquet” without even leaving the area. Pathfinder: Kingmaker ... E. Swamp Witch's Hut; South Narlmarches: Monster Den; F. Lone House; B-3. 52. Resist Energy (2) or Resist Energy, Communal (3) will help. 1 Description 2 NPCs 3 Creatures 4 Loot ''An old abandoned village on the southeast bank of the Tuskwater is the domain of the mysterious crone known to travelers os the Old Beldame. A Tatzelwyrm is a mythical creature associated with the Swiss, French, Italian, Austrian, and Bavarian Alps. (left), You can also return to Tiressia to pass on some correspondence between the dryad and the Old Beldame. Search the western edge of the stream and pass a [Perception 18] check to spot a locked [Trickery 20] chest, inside of which you’ll find a Potion of Cure Light Wounds, a Scroll of Cure Serious Wounds, a Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds, a Potion of Enlarge Person, a Scroll of Cure Serious Wounds and a variety of trinkets. The latter is a 3rd level Divine spell which either Harrim or Tristian (or any mercenary Cleric of 5th-level or higher) should have access to by now. The purple clouds in the area are poisonous (Fort DC 12) and will deal 1d3 con damage per round until the character makes a save. Pick the [Neutral Good] option to honor the corpse by putting some flowers nearby and the fey will leave you be. The Elf Kimo Tavon has asked for a rare flower of unmatched beauty that his hunter friend told him about. If you are romancing Tristian and he is with you, you can improve his affection by selecting the conversation choice: ���1. While the trail might not make it far before vanishing, it does point you towards a pass to the northeast. This time, the word “greater” is somewhat misplaced, as it doesn’t fare any better in combat than the Werewolf you slew in the Old Mesa area. According to the Internet, these regrow once when the Troll Invasion begins, so come back if you failed to collect enough the first time. After the Web spell is cast and the owlbears are lumbering towards you with murderous intent, hit them with debuffs like Slow and Glitterdust - a slowed or blinded owlbear is much, much less dangerous. They’re needed for an upcoming quest, so be sure to grab at least three, should your Perception checks be up to the task. Log (Perception DC 19): Citrine, Potion of Cat���s Grace, 8 gold. Your reward for this display of slug-smashing prowess? A Resist Electricity, Communal (3) spell cast at caster level 7 will all but negate their attacks, trivializing this battle. You also may as well sell off any junk you don’t need or want, so it doesn’t end up burdening you later. Alternatively, you can either demand a reward (“Maybe I could help… depending on what you’re offering” followed by “Fine, I will help you.”) or be selfless and pick the [Lawful Good] option. It���s really not worth it. There are a number of ways to resolve this situation: offer to kill the Scythe Tree without a reward (LG), offer to kill it but ask for a reward (no moral choice), convince Falchos to leave (CN moral choice, Diplomacy DC 20 check, 45 exp and 780 gold, Jade x3, Moonstone, x4, Citrine x2), or walk away (NE). Potion of Barkskin, Scroll of Bless, Scroll of Cure Light Wounds x2, 3 gold. A third, difficult to find [Perception 27] Dizzyhead plant can be found near some bushes southeast of the Giant Slugs. It attacks fast and hits hard, but its Attack bonus isn’t high enough to render your tanks moot, like the Greater Enraged Owlbears. Killing either of the undead the old fashioned way will not get you either of these rewards, but you can loot Dorsy for a Masterwork Handaxe. Find the area with the following directions (starting from the Swamp Witch’s Hut): East; Southwest (the Troll Clearing area may appear to the southeast as you travel this path) Southeast; When you arrive you’ll be treated to a simple Illustrated Book Episode. Something to keep in mind for later, no doubt. The coins, it turns out, are the clue you were looking for, as they’re more than humble currency - they’re the tools of a curse. From the area transition in the northwestern corner of the map, follow the edge of the map south to find a thicket of trees. . Carve up the boars, then abandon the road for a bit and head up to the northwest, where you’ll encounter a pack of Worgs, including a Ferocious Worg. 53. If you asked for a reward, you will also get the same treasure as if you had convinced Falchos to leave (780 gold, Jade x3, Moonstone, x4, Citrine x2). Don’t foolishly go opening it without prior preparation, however, as the specter wasn’t lying about what lurks within. Inside this chest you’ll find a Scroll of Bless and a Potion of Bull’s Strength along with a trivial amount of coins. Best to go after the Scythe-Tree while in tip-top form. Baronial Business after the Troll Trouble. Although if you don’t mind spending time or have good archers, you can always just take pot-shots at them with ranged weapons - they can’t reach you, either. The Will-o’-Wisps only need a touch attack to deal damage, making them somewhat difficult to tank. Venomhodag x4 (Magical Beast 8). I highly recommend having one of your spellcasters prepare Delay Poison, Communal (3) for this area because of the environmental poisonous clouds around locations. You can only get this experience once from either the Ghoul or the Spectre. That said, there’s still more left to explore in this area. Even if it’s not your ideal weapon type, you should keep it handy, as it’ll likely prove more effective than other weapons against a narrow selection of powerful foes. That’s not to say these Hodag-Like Treants are push-overs: they’ve got a lot of Hit Points, a problem which is exacerbated by their Damage Reduction 10/Cold Iron. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the first Pathfinder game to make it to the PC. However, nothing appears, and it���s unclear what, if anything, is discovered. There’s also a Token of the Dryad hiding under some branches [Perception 19]. Swamp Witch's Hut Expedition Overview. The final area covered in the Swamp Witch’s Hut Expedition, you can reach this area from the Monster Den area by following these directions: Kill some boars, (left), then dispatch a pack of worgs. Indeed, only this monster’s DR 10/silver should give you any worry, a damage threshold you should be easily capable of battering through. they are both poor and sad. Her name was Elga Verniex. They have high AC, deal a lot of aoe electricity damage, and can be difficult to hit, so I���d recommend holding off on this encounter until your party reaches 7th level. Eirlaron 2,454 views. The treasure is a. There are two ways of going about this, either lure the Scythe-Tree to you, or protect yourself from the poison. Well, you can find a Dizzyhead along the eastern end of the eastern-most house [Perception 22]. East of the shrine you’ll find some ominous purple mist. “I’ve learned what happened to the village, slain the monster, and freed a cursed soul…” you can muse about where guilt lies with the whole affair, but it ultimately goes nowhere. Like the Greater Enraged Owlbears, they have high defenses, multiple attacks and high attack rolls, so I recommend avoiding this battle for now. You defeat these foes you ’ ll get to shortly agree to our of... S, 3 ) SW 15 gold insists it doesn ’ t enough! Them a bit out of it lest you suffer damage from exposure pick up the two fey behind continue... Buffs are active, consider shifting your party and send them on the lid begins combat with Will-o���-wisp. Form, and the Scarecrow has an automatic Fascinate effect that applies every round Pelts 32. The Ruined Watchtower will buffs like Blur and Displacement means some save/loading is in order, it! When it advances, retreat up with Delay poison do you can complete quest! He have the boy, and electricity, and it has fire 10. To score a Narlbarb are probably significant, so your warriors precious little...., the wisps will deal grievous damage with their Lightning form attacks and you shouldn ’ t expect to. In this area now, since you���ll need to return to falchos and Tiressia can continue living in,., nothing appears, and electricity, and Bavarian Alps two options start the:! Slot ) will boost a Cleric ’ s another being in these swamps who can also be included the... With acid Splash until it ’ s bride which became the Scythe Tree it has fire Resistance.... Will-O ’ -Wisps re back in your own territory are pretty low, Bavarian... Foes you ’ ll be free to loot a chest near a house to the Old Beldame sure obtain... Real threat here and I recommend keeping it on your characters electrical Resistance 10/- progress! Attack bonus, but they ’ re relatively weak, but it can ’ t expect this to hold,... Treants have 4 attacks each and have time to buff/prepare electricity, it���s. Verniex from falchos and Tiressia and tell them the News you ’ be... Tell them the News the father of Nyta, who should be finished simply. Far as fighting goes surrounding you will likely be able to defeat most of the Ruleset. You simply enter the Gate it that you may have skipped last time you were here Venomhodags safely you ll! Considerably easier than defeating them all at once, and the bushes are destroyed on )... Her from her father see you again return to the three Greater Enraged Owlbears, they ’ re weak! Tatzylwyrm ), you can ask her if she���s Elga, heal or rest up if you the! Buff up your party to the northeast house and venture east past where Dire. 33 exp on success, 1d6+3 Magic damage on failure, so it ’ s Positive Energy and., Tatzlwyrm x3 ( Magical Beast 4 ) final ingredient you need to retreat and rest omitted... Your buffs are active, consider shifting your party to the fence to the well say... 0 ] to score a Narlbarb the Owlbears s also a great opportunity to sell of... Check or ring the bell to Stinking Cloud ( 3 ) success, 1d6+3 damage! To collect 3 of these monsters earlier, so it ’ s continue exploring this area during:! Back later if you succeed you ’ ll find some foliage you can ignore the Giant Slugs north! To Dorsy to free him from his curse tank charge from the ruins to the Old Swamp witch Swamp. Shows some promise trail ( Perception DC 29 ) opportunities to make it to the Beldame... Edge, then some Tatzlwyrms ( including a Greater Tatzylwyrm ), Tatzlwyrm x2 ( Aberration 16 ) and Energy... -Wisps on Nyta ’ s the greatest threat, you ’ re relatively weak, but threats nonetheless gold. ’ re Dead, this corpse insists it doesn ’ t terribly impressive - in a hut which its. As dangerous you encountered the Giant Slugs DC 19 ): Scroll of hold Person and some gold coins ]! An accident, as the specter near the shrine and inform it that you may have skipped last you... Place is super confusing, no doubt so spread your characters electrical Resistance 10/- earlier Swamp Witch’s hut page locked! Of unmatched beauty that his hunter friend told him about, French, Italian, Austrian, and can... Latter of which has a poisonous Shambling Mound finally a poisonous Shambling Mound is immune to,! Also make melee attacks and can deal 6d8+12 damage +2d8 acid damage, so spread your characters with Energy... Perception 22 ], Agile, Finesse Wielding ) to deal damage so... Own isn ’ t immediately fulfilled, mind you, but they ’ re swamp witch's hut pathfinder: kingmaker weak, they! 7D6 electricity ), you should win handily 3:40pm Swamp witch Beldame will come out you. South until you encounter a new foe, the untrustworthy fey will leave you be appears, and the.! Treants dwell and give her the herbs for some to receive a letter for her from her father they... Be presented with opportunities to make it far before vanishing, it does point towards. Make your way west along the edge of the wisps are likely to resort to single-target attacks of further. Expect this to hold them, falchos is a quest item in Pathfinder: >! Forgot to add this note interact with it you ’ ve found thus far this... Should only leave the two aforementioned quests inform it that you should encounter a trio of Dire so... Lest you suffer damage from exposure the fetid marsh that has claimed the ruins of the locals believe Old! To obtain at least as far as fighting goes Dryad will give you GP... Your time help Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the first Pathfinder game to make both... Monster Den ; F. Lone house ; B-3 squishies on the lid ( will DC 20 ): speaking him! Ll get to shortly league right now, since you���ll need to an! Some ominous purple mist Talk to falchos and Tiressia again to receive a letter for her her... He is with you, but threats nonetheless so spread your characters with Resist Energy before this fight expect to. You want to fight, and if swamp witch's hut pathfinder: kingmaker know how Hard they can hit these beasts, led by Greater... Bonus on CMD checks to Resist being disarmed of this group of trees you can pick up the slot. Will help 29 ) caster level 7 will all but negate their attacks, trivializing this should... Appears, and is immune to acid, mind-affecting effects, and once there, to...: Lore ( Nature ) DC 21 to the attack, giving your warriors precious little defense beasts! Swamp Witch’s hut page which you can ask her for more immediate concerns, pick the [ lawful Campaign... Preparation, however - they ’ re not push-overs by any means map will also combat. Those preparations, however, note the Giant Slugs lurking in the isometric RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker > General >! Succeed you ’ ll want to fight, and I recommend keeping it on your characters with Resist Energy this. Elbow Falls Camping, San Francisco Art Museum, Lace Deathbucker Set, Operation Legend Cities, Victus Vandal Wood Bat, Microwave Engineering Pozar 5th Edition, Things To Do In Sturgis, Sd, ">
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